Nancy understands that being well is based in one’s individual priorities though there are many basic needs that apply to all of us as human beings in order to have the ability to pursue higher states of awareness and self- actualization.

Skilled in working with individuals and groups of all ages and backgrounds

Nancy has facilitated a variety of psychoeducational classes in mind, body, and spirit.

Some of these groups include Support and educational groups:

  • Caregivers

  • Bereavement

  • Addiction

  • Mindful Meditation

  • Weight and Body Image

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Wellness-Clean Eating-body movement-self- love and affirmation

  • Resiliency Training

  • Purposeful Living

Nancy Slatkoff-Hudspeth

Grief, Depression & End of Life Issues

Nancy describes her style of counseling as being in a row boat, shining a flashlight on options and obstacles. Ultimately, the direction must come from the individual but we all need objective and safe assistance to see beyond the obstacles sometimes. By utilizing a holistic approach to therapy and the practicality of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, she feels she can thoughtfully help the client navigate through murky and unsettling waters.


Nancy  is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate. In addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation Therapy and a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling, she has had the privilege to work with Ester Myers in Healing Yoga, the Human Kinetics Foundation at the Cooper Institute where she received her Lifestyle Coaching Certification and Nutrition Certification

Phone: 919-296-8750

Grief, depression & end of life issues

Nancy has assisted her clients to navigate through grief, anxiety, depression, body image, and addictive disorders. She is skilled in assessment and understands the need at times for diagnosis, yet is cautious about the labels we place on ourselves and others.