My Gratitude Story

by JK Hairston, MD

I really thought my life was ok and that I was generally a positive person before making gratitude an almost daily habit. I was wrong.

I started using the Gratitude App because I wanted to become more intentional about expressing gratitude.

I started by doing the daily challenges because I wanted to develop more of an intentional practice of gratitude. I thought the app was fun and I enjoyed posting pictures to the app, yet after I started, I realized that it was not only fun to have a photo journal of the meaningful and fun moments of my life, but that I also began to remember these moments in my mind the next day or days later.

I was amazed to find that I was now creating new joyful memories that I am able to experience again and again throughout the week. So my life is becoming more and more joyful as I focus my mind on these moments each and every day. I even think of moments now and look forward to writing about them in my gratitude journal.

As a psychiatrist, I have been astonished about how joyful I can be reflecting upon simple moments of gratitude. I also noticed that when I am not experiencing joy, that practicing gratitude will buoy my spirits within moments. I am truly grateful that the Gratitude App is creating a platform for this experience.

Thank you!



JK Hairston, MD, FAPA

Infant, Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychiatrist

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