Psychiatry and Mental Wellness - More Than A Prescription

In this interview, we dive into the inner workings of what psychiatry really looks like. In order to destigmatize this space, we can't sugar coat any of its parts. We talk about our medicines and treatments for chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol - and many have no fear, shame, or guilt in asking for refills. But what does it look like in taking care of our mental health?

In this episode with Dr. Hairston, we dive into what it means to truly show empathy towards yourself and the work it takes to be your best self. Prescribing medicine to deal with chronic/acute mental health disorders works alongside a care plan and with any care plan - compliance and patience are necessary.

Dr. Hairston shares her experiences as a BIPOC psychiatrist, mother, practitioner, and mental health advocate. - from an interview with Carmen Daniel, MPH, host of the Psych Me Up podcast.

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