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At our office we treat Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Childhood Developmental , and Behavioral Disorders.  We use medications as tools to alleviate excess anxiety, worry, anger, and lethargy.  We make a point to answer our client's questions and to minimize all side effects by gradually increasing the medication dosage, therefore, we obtain our desired results at lower doses.  We support our clients by giving close follow-up and measuring results. Through the judicious use of medicine we help people to optimize their lives and achieve their goals.


A basic goal of therapy is to create a safe psychological and emotional climate so that clients, especially young clients, will not feel threatened and will be able to drop pretenses and defenses.  As a counselor, I attempt to understand my clients' subjective world view and help them discover a new awareness of their options in life.  I do this by facilitaning an atmosphere that respects the clients' dignity and self-worth, recognizes the clients' freedom in determining their own values and goals, and encourages them to pursue their own lifestyle.

Genesight Testing

The GeneSight test is a clinically proven, genetic-based decision support tool that can help get patients on the right medication faster. 360 Degree Health, PLLC uses GeneSight testing.



We will be offering diverse and innovative workshops. Make sure you are on our mailing list so you can stay updated.

Check out our upcoming "Me First!" Mindful Eating Fitness Program Designed for Women and our "Mindfulness Meditation" coming in January 2017!

New Services Coming Soon!


Massage & Bodywork

Myofascial Release (MFR), is a holistic and hands-on bodywork therapy that uses gentle and sustained pressure to discover and treat the root causes of pain and dysfunction, thus producing long lasting results.  These root causes are often centered in the fascia, which is a strong and continuous web of connective tissue that surrounds and penetrates all parts of the body. 


Mantra Meditation

We are adding mantra meditation services to our practice.

360 Degree Health, PLLC is focused on meeting out patients's needs in all areas of healing. Mind, Body and Soul.


Stress Management

We are adding stress management services to our practice. 

Currently, patients can learn stress management techniques through our other services.